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Fate meant that grandfather Giovanni Ferrari (of peasant origin) was born in one of the most suitable areas of Liguria for olive growing.

The land owned and cultivated by us is in this area which was once known as "The golden basin" to mean the qualities of the oil produced. This area is about 15 km from the sea and is at an altitude of about 300 meters.


The oil produced in these areas has unique characteristics thanks to the extremely favorable climatic conditions and the almost exclusive presence of cultivars of the Taggiasca variety; to this we add that the Ferrari company selects the olives in order to have them healthy and at the right point of ripeness. The pressing system carried out with traditional systems and with the freshly picked olive and subjected to simple pressure is then decisive.


The oil obtained at the beginning of the pressure is of better quality and is called "first pressure" or "cold pressing".


Olive Oil


Flavoured Oil

Image by John Cameron


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