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Confitures and Honey

In this section we have both tradition and innovative cuisine. We have the CUGNA' typical Piedmontese product with origins in the poor cuisine that put together what was available in September before the cold Piedmontese winters. The cooking of the grape must and the pears took place over a low heat on the "putagè" (stove with cooking function) for many hours until a sweet and sour jam was obtained which was usually eaten with polenta. We then have more recent jams made with leeks, peppers etc. We recommend both the Cugnà and the jams for pairing with cheeses or boiled meats.


The hives are stored in isolated areas near the Langhe towns of Bonvicino and Somano. Straw yellow in color and soft to spread, it is an easy-to-match honey for its delicate flavor which makes it the most natural sweetener for milk and tea. The truffle variant is also available for a tasty combination with aged cheeses.

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