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The Artisan Way

What we believe in


In our family we have always shared the love for our lands and the products that our ancestors generously left us as an inheritance. We are therefore aware of the responsibility we have and for this reason we want to offer our customers an unforgettable experience that can be maintained over time.

The constant research for a fresh and quality ingredient and, consequently, the excellence of our products, are what sets us apart. The direct contact with customers, the flexibility of the organizational structure and the continuous desire for improvement are our values.



Why we do it


The care with which my great-grandfather Giovanni already worked every day has been handed down from generation to generation and I am therefore happy and considerate in continuing to offer the highest quality and the best Artisanality.

Our business focuses on offering consumers a natural and genuine flavor. Our most ambitious goal is to make customers perceive, both from an emotional and rational point of view, the Ferrari brand as a synonym of unique quality and natural and genuine flavors.



How do we do it


Today we offer different recipes: a wide assortment of Piedmontese and Ligurian specialties produced through a careful selection of the raw materials used. Quality is guaranteed by the high professionalism employed in the various production phases, by respect for tradition and artisanal methods combined with innovation and technology.

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